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Quando o samba é bom (SINGLE)

Written in collaboration with Thiago Rad and Mavi Pugliesi and with musical production by the artist herself, Lara weaves the captivating pulse of samba with striking guitars and drums, and a persistent chorus that invites the listener to embrace the rhythm and surrender their body to the sensations of the present moment. The song features the Brazilian percussionist Larissa Umaytá. 

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Rodavida (SINGLE)

Composed, arranged and produced by Lara Klaus and André Galamba, recorded in Brazil, Canada and the United States. Lara sings about the circularity of life and the comings and goings of affective relationships while André adds harmonic and melodic colors to the soundscape of the song. Rodavida also features Eliot Krimsky on synths and Marlon Sette on trombone.

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Poeira Estelar cover art.png

Produced by Lara and coproduced by Tomaz Alves, Poeira Estelar is a manifesto of resistance in response to all systems that repress creativity and freedom of expression. It features the multi-talented Brazilian artist Flaira Ferro.


Força do Gesto is Lara's debut album, featuring 10 songs in which 8 were written by herself in collaboration with Zé Manoel, Mavi Pugliesi, André Macambira, Leo Falcão, Carina Albuquerque and Alex Asher. Desenho Inteligente was written by Tomaz Alves and Tamborim, Cuíca, Ganzá, Berimbau is a classic Brazilian tune by Azymuth. Produced by Tomaz Alves and Lara Klaus.

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